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Our tuition includes:

  • The 2 year program (8 quarters) which includes 35 online courses through our private teaching platform; weekly lectures, assignments, class discussions, feedback and grading from our amazing teachers, and the larger student/community forums.
  • Our 3 day intensive Midwifery Skills Workshop to be completed during the last 2 quarters (if you have already taken this workshop prior to the formation of this School, we will deduct $500 from your required donation.)
  • The benefit of an intimate student community, with everyone enrolling, learning and completing the course together (we will welcome a new “class” each summer), as well as approachable, friendly staff and teachers.
Tuition Breakdown (1)

Tuition Breakdown

We want to be transparent and have no hidden fine print. ALL REQUIRED DONATIONS ARE INCLUDED IN THE $5500 TOTAL

Donation Schedule

  • A $50 application donation when you submit your application
  • A non-refundable, place holding donation of $450 upon acceptance (applications and deposits will begin being accepted in November 2016; once accepted, we must receive your donation of $450 within 30 days of acceptance or your application will expire; if you'd like to then re-apply you must fill out the application and pay application fee again.)
  • A $3000 tuition donation for the first year, due June 14th, 2018
  • The remaining $2000 donation is due June 14th, 2019

Payment Plan

We have a monthly donation option plan available after the 1st years tuition is settled in full. Monthly donations starting during the 1st Quarter and completing before the start of the 5th Quarter will be approximately $250/month.  We can discuss other arrangements as well on a case by case basis, but each year's tuition donation is due prior to the start of that year's courses.  Donation plans will be discussed during your initial interview.


What is NOT included in the donation:

  • A computer and internet access
  • Required textbooks
  • Any necessary transportation, lodging and food needed to attend the Indie Birth Skills Workshop (required for completion of course)

Return of Donations

***Once your donation is submitted for the first year, no refunds will be given if you discontinue the course during the first year. Once your donation is submitted for the second year, no refund will be given if you discontinue the course before graduation. If you complete only part of the course, or one year, you will not be granted completion status and should you decide to continue the course at another time, will only be able to do so if we have room for you to re-enroll.

A La Carte Courses

Students that choose to enroll this way will not receive the benefits of full-time status, including lower donation per credit or, or being automatically included in the skills workshops. (These student may enroll in the skills workshop(s) separately, however, if there are available slots.) We have included this option so that more people can get started on their journey now, even if they cannot fully commit to the rigors of a 2 year program. This “a la carte” option would also be appropriate for students or midwives who want to renew or refresh their knowledge base in a particular area.


If someone takes course a la carte and then later enrolls in the full 2 year program, there will be no reduced donation as consideration for the courses they have already purchased and completed.  The 2 year program is a package and the package cannot be amended.  Credits achieved through a la carte coursework do not apply towards the Certificate of Completion for the Midwifery Program.   


Additional Information

  • While actively enrolled, you are included in the Wise Woman Circle and get all the benefits of being a member of Indie Birth Association (discount on Conference, classes, etc.)

  • While we feel that our school is complete in terms of classroom learning, it does not include an apprenticeship nor do we have access to connect you with an apprenticeship aside from informal help when able. Our hope is that during or after your complete the program, you will be a valuable asset to any team or practice as an assistant or apprentice. 


  • Indie Birth Private Contract Association (including Indie Birth Midwifery School) functions as a Private Contract Association (PMA) and all students and faculty must be members of IBPCA. Contract/application will be offered to you with enrollment package.