Testimonials from Our Beloved Students

Who knows the animated movie and/or the book “The Last Unicorn”? This was my favorite movie growing up, because I felt like I related to the unicorn and that the story held a lot of metaphors I could relate to my experience, and it became my motivation and purpose for a while to leave my comfort zone and “find” the other unicorns.

I feel like I have finally accomplished that chapter in my life after connecting with Indie Birth and all of you amazing women. The sense of peace, purpose and confidence I feel knowing that you are all out there, including many more I have not even met, is deeply healing. Knowing that I’m not the only one and that we are all in this, returning to our rightful roles within this present time. I feel so much closure after this previous weekend and have what I need to keep moving forward. We are ancient, and we are all sharing this process of remembering. Words cannot describe the beauty.

Thank you all so much for who you are and what you do, thank you Maryn and Margo for bringing the unicorns together.

- Xeque, class of 2019


I just wanted to send a note to say that I will be stretching into our 'break' weeks to complete the courses in a way that feels in integrity with my best efforts and learning as well as not just rushing through the content to complete by this week. I understand this may limit the feedback I receive from assignments. Just wanted to let you know I'm here, really really enjoying all the content on NEO as well as all the reading and projects! Learning so much, dreaming, feeling so good to be here. Thank you!

- Maureen

LOVING this school and your classes and I feel so fortunate to be here. I appreciate all the time and energy that is put into giving feedback and being present in this birth community and school. I have been in school, graduate school too, and never felt anything like this. I actually can't get over the joy of learning it all. Thank you for this opportunity, it is such an honor to be a part of IBMS.

- Lauren, class of 2020


I’ve been talking the skills workshop nonstop since I got back from Sedona, but even the things in the online class were mind-blowing. It was packed with information and introspection. I learned that it’s about how you want to practice, what skills I want to use or not use, how I want to treat the people I work with. It’s a lot more than just learning maneuvers for breech or dystocia or learning how to handle a hemorrhage. Those are important, but it’s more about myself and my personal hang-ups around them so that I can be free to help clients have a physiological birth without me butting in from my insecurities. It’s about knowing normal so you know when it’s not normal.

- Kayce, class of 2020