1) Is this program something that can be done at your own pace?

Not really! We have designed this as a structured programs that is broken down into trimester (each 10 weeks long), and each trimester (with the exception of one) has 5 courses. Each course has learning objectives, video lectures, assignments, quizzes, discussions, projects, etc. We wanted to create a program that would move students through their learning in a timely fashion, since the need for amazing new midwives is so great, and we are tired of waiting!!! That said, we do not utilize grades, so you are welcome to work ahead or behind within the trimesters. After the trimester is complete though, we will close those courses and move onto the next set.

2) About how many hours a week are required to complete all of the assignments?

Each trimester has 5 courses (except for one that has 4).  Each course takes between 3-5 hours per week, for what our students are reporting as equalling about 20 hours a week on average to complete all readings, videos, and assignments. It really depends on how fast of a reader you are, how much time you spend going down side tracks in the research and reading, and how much time it takes you to write and create resources! Since we don't use grades and there are no consequences if you don't complete your work, students can move through the program how they wish, and devote the amount of time that is right for them.

3) Are there specific times that we are required to get online for classes or is it online and we can watch at our own convenience during that week?

Each week has readings, videos and assignments to complete within the week at your convenience. You will have access to them before and after the assigned week, from the start of the trimester and for 3 weeks following the end of the trimester. Our school week's currently start on Friday and end on Thursday. We also have a weekly student meeting which is attended by a rotating member of our core staff, and occasionally instructors/experts to add additional content and time for reflection and discussion.

4) If I attend your school as a member of the Indie Birth Private Contract Association, does that membership extend to my work in attending any births during the time I am enrolled in your school?
No.  The Indie Birth PCA is a private contract with our members.

5) Are you MEAC accredited? I live in a place/state where MEAC accredited schools are the only way to get a license.

We are not MEAC accredited.  With our school, we have chosen to satisfy the learning requirements and integrity standards that WE think are important for a well-rounded midwife. We are not interested in pleasing any governmental body around birth - only the midwives and women that they serve.  We think the bar is higher for those choosing to educate themselves for the pure motivation of knowing all they can know, and providing women with the resources to make their own decisions.  We do offer courses in business development and also in structuring a midwifery practice that is independent of any governmental institution.  We hope you complete the curriculum with your eyes wide open to the politics of midwifery and birth and can choose to practice in a way that resonates with your deepest truths.  Learn more with this podcast episode and this video we created.

6) So would you submit/check in once per week or once per trimester? How will the accountability play out?

Each course is structured around weekly assignments and readings.

The school is designed to take someone from the beginning to end in the course of 2 years and we felt that the best way to do that is to give consistent goals and feedback. We have moved away from assigning grades, since that wasn't improving student learning or success, and we are focusing instead on giving high quality feedback, discussions, office hours and weekly student meetings which provide space for further reflection. Our students feel that the feedback and accountability they are receiving is above and beyond a more traditionally structured program, even though there is no "penalty" for not adhering to the structure (imagine that :)!).

7) I was wondering if Indie Birth Midwifery program is appropriate for someone who has no experience in midwifery, but wants to learn? My only experience is listening to all of your podcasts. I've become so in love with the concept of a undisturbed birth, and your way of midwifery, that I would love to delve into it further so that I can journey with other women who want the same thing. Will the program be covering all the basics, as well as the Indie Birth philosophy?

We welcome interested learners, whether or not one even has plans of becoming a midwife! So, no experience is necessary, just a desire and willingness to learn and explore and commit to the program! Again, we don't expect the 2 year course to fulfill every bit of knowledge and experience.  We expect serious students to obtain and complete an apprenticeship.  We give enrolled students free access to our So You Want to be a Midwife Starter Kit so that you can get started before July rolls around, though, since coming in with some foundation will be beneficial to you.

8) Who should take this course? Midwives? Childbirth Educators? Doulas? Therapists? What courses are geared to “other” professionals?

This course is intended for those pursuing the path of midwifery. The development of our course has included those completely new to midwifery, and intermediate or advanced midwifery students or apprentices that have never formally studied or completed a program. Our individual courses are open on a first come, first served, a la carte basis to anyone that has interest in the subject matter. This may include midwives, childbirth educators, doulas and alternative practitioners. Pre –requisite requirements may apply to advanced courses.

9) I am ready to apply. Tell me again; what's the application process? 

Go here for all the details.

10 ) Do I need to apply if I am only going to take a la carte courses?

No, you do not need to apply to the program, you will just need to wait until we open up enrollment when it gets closer to the start of each quarter.  We will certainly be announcing this option through the newsletter and through social media, so be sure to follow us.  This is dependent upon space within each course.