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The Creation Story

The idea of developing a midwifery school started mostly as a joke a few years ago.  Indie Birth was taking on other projects and a school seemed like a ridiculous idea that was at least a decade away.  But we like ridiculous, and in the last year or so, the request and desire for a school from the outside world began to show up more regularly - whether we liked it or not! We could ignore it at first, but with the development of our annual Midwifery Conference, many resources and groups, in person and online classes, and finally, a 4 day skills workshop immersion, our School has essentially built the foundation itself.  We are grateful to all of the people and circumstances that have convinced us that a school like ours is needed. Our hope is that the school, students, faculty, curriculum and wisdom will continue to grow and expand organically, just as this Vision has!

The curriculum was co-created by Margo and Maryn and the courses have been developed by their respective instructors.  The Midwifery Program is currently comprised of 36 separate courses, the 4 day skills workshop and a final exam.  Every effort has been made to address the Sacred aspects of midwifery and what a midwife might be, along with the nuts-and-bolts, scientific course material and research to ensure that we stay current and knowledgeable.  The result for you, the student, is a beautiful blend of the old and new, the Masculine and the Feminine.  This course will challenge you with self-growth and exploration as much as it will challenge your technical skills.

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Year 1

1st Quarter

Exploring the Divine Feminine

Birth Models

Writing 101

Essentials of Self-Care

2nd Quarter

Foundations in Childbirth Education

Hormonal Balance and Fertility

Midwifery Herstory

Research Methods

Apprenticeship and Beginning Birth Basics

3rd Quarter

Introduction to Alternative Therapies in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Nutrition

Plant Medicine

Wise Woman Prenatal Care

Early Fetal Development and Genetics

4th Quarter

Anatomy and Physiology of Labor and Birth

Diagnostic Testing in Pregnancy

Counseling Skills and Relationship Building

Mental Health in Pregnancy and the Postpartum

Year 2

5th Quarter

Skills Workshop Preparation Course

Sociology and Cultural Competency

Issues in the Prenatal Period

Shoulder Dystocia

6th Quarter

Miscarriage and Loss

Lactation Science and Breastfeeding Support

Postpartum Care and Traditions

Postpartum Hemorrhage

7th Quarter

Complex Birth- Twins, Breech, Prolonged Labor

Birth Trauma and Transport

Advanced Herbalism

Advanced Nutrition

Neonatal Resuscitation

8th Quarter

Business for Birth Workers

Sacred Birth

Advanced Case Studies

Advanced Research Skills Capstone

Final Exam Prep Module (optional)

Final Exams : One of our goals with the IBMS is to develop and implement a more rigorous and well-rounded testing option for our students that gives them a solid assessment of their knowledge.  Prior to completion of the IBMS program at the end of the second year, our students will prepare and engage in final testing that has been developed by the Indie Birth faculty and directors.  We hope that the test preparation as well as successfully completing our exit exam will give all of our students confidence about their intellectual ability and knowledge, their intuition and self development as it compares to the mainstream option of standard entrance-level midwifery testing.

A La Carte Courses

Each course can be taken individually by non-enrolled students.  Students that choose to enroll this way will not receive the benefits of full-time status, including lower costs per credit or, or being automatically included in the skills workshops. (These student may register for the skills workshop(s) separately, however, if there are available slots). We have included this option so that more people can get started on their journey now, even if they cannot fully commit to the rigors of a 2 year program. This “a la carte” option would also be appropriate for students or midwives who want to renew or refresh their knowledge base in a particular area. Click here for cost information