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The Indie Birth Midwifery School is a full 2 year, online program for those that want the convenience of an online school with an active staff and a student community that supports advanced learning.

The curriculum consists of:

  • A progressive, scheduled, 36-course program (see the curriculum for more details)
  • Our 3 day Midwifery Skills Workshop
  • Many perks and benefits of the growing Indie Birth community (inclusion in the Wise Woman Circle as well as Conference and class discounts)

The 2 year program begins with self-care, the root of our work as midwives and healers.  Our amazing teachers will then systematically take you through the pre-conception, prenatal, birth and postpartum periods.  The first year has a focus on self-discovery, fertility, counseling, alternative therapies, wise woman prenatal care, and writing and research foundations.  The second year focuses on labor, birth and the postpartum, all the foundational midwifery skills, advanced nutrition and herbalism, and complex situations that can come up during pregnancy and birth, and setting up your sacred midwifery business.


Throughout the program, courses will be rooted in weekly reading and meaningful assignments, online lectures, discussion with your classmates and instructors, self-reflection, prompt feedback and grading.  We designed this program to have pacing and accountability built in so that you can commit, and succeed on your path to becoming the midwife our communities so badly need!  The intention we have set is to attract and instruct serious students who want to focus and learn in a time-sensitive and enriched setting. Each course is also open to those that want to enroll in an a la carte, per-credit hour basis.

At this time, Indie Birth Midwifery School is not MEAC accredited and has no current plans of becoming MEAC accredited. We **may** seek CEU credit for the skills workshop and other select courses at some time in the future, but at this moment, the entire program is unique and based only in quality education and learning.

**The Indie Birth Midwifery Conference does apply annually for CEU credit through MEAC for Conference sessions.**