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Bringing together the sacred + scientific.
Moving midwifery into the new paradigm.

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There are a growing number of midwifery programs, but none of which we felt like we could truly endorse when asked which school students should enroll in.

So here we are!

We have created and sustained what we think is currently the best program for student midwives who resonate with the Indie Birth philosophy.

We are pro-critical thinking, and anti-dogma. We combine modern research with age old wisdom, with a focus on becoming heart led midwives that can truly serve the family above all else.

We value student autonomy as much as client automony, and as such we have an "unschooling", project based approach that still provides structure and accountability.

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Completely Online

With our easy and fun to use online platform you can complete all of your assignments and get high quality feedback. We do have an in person option to come to one of our awesome skills workshops, which is available to students at large discount.

Integration of the Sacred

Becoming a midwife takes more than passing a test.  It requires deep introspection and connecting with the sacred aspects of childbearing.  We do this at every point throughout the program.


Accountability and Structure

While traditional midwifery didn't include formal schooling, there is so much information to wade through that we think having well curated content and well paced learning is crucial to the creation of more independent midwives. Learn more about our curriculum.

Supportive Teachers and Staff

Our team is genuinely interested in your success. We are here to support you whether you have technology questions or just need to talk about your path forward in midwifery.  Learn more about our teachers and staff.

Enrollment Perks

Our students will get Indie Birth perks including access to our Wise Woman Circle.


We have strived to make our program affordable and accessible.  We also offer several partial scholarships each year. Learn more here.

Enrollment will be open soon for the January 2021 start date.

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